Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Larry brought the Christmas boxes up from the barn yesterday, and we spent the afternoon decorating. We realized that since Duchess now has the run of most of the house during the weekdays, a Christmas tree would be out of the question. So Larry put one that he had made a couple of years ago out of barbed wire, complete with stained glass ornaments, on our table on the front deck. He adorned it with blue lights, and we can enjoy it while sitting on the sofa in the evening. I put up my Christmas village on the top of the bookcase, well out of the little brown dog's reach. My collection has dwindled over the years... there's only one "street", but it is full of a variety of tiny people - throwing snowballs, delivering Christmas trees, even feeding chickens with a sly red fox looking on. I couldn't resist adding him last year. Just a little reminder of how many of our chickens have become the fox's dinner, and how much more careful we are now! We knew that the nativity scene couldn't go on Larry's grandma's cedar chest, as it did last year. A camel would end up missing a leg, or a wiseman would lose an arm. We already have a sheep missing an ear, thanks to a game of catch that became a bit wild last year. Larry decided that the wide shelf beneath the dining room window would be the perfect spot, and I hung some of the gold stars that I had made years ago above it. It looks beautiful there, and I'm sure that will become it's home in the Christmases to come.

We have decided to make our Christmas gifts again this year. We both have been busy coming up with ideas for everyone. It makes the holiday so much more special when we can give something we have created with love. Hopefully we'll have time to get everything done before packages have to make their way to Washington.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a good girl!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we decided that Duchess was grown up enough now to stay alone in the house without being in her crate all day. It's too cold for her to spend her time with Leo in the outdoor kennel, and we knew that we could trust her to be a good girl. We gave it a trial run on Halloween weekend when I was going to be at Rachel's for awhile, and Larry had a meeting at church. She did fine then, and we tried it again on Sunday while we were at church... fine again. She could be a good girl! So Monday morning we had a talk with her, and left her with the house all to herself, closing the door to the bathroom and both of our computer rooms. We decided to leave our bedroom door open, because she so loves to jump up on the bed to look out the windows. It's very important to know just what's going on in the neighborhood, and that's simply the best view! She was a very good girl the first day, and we praised her all night! Unfortunately, on the second night, I discovered a wet spot on the bed... she had peed on it! We gave her another chance the next day... she peed on the bed again! That did it - no more access to the bedroom for the Duchess. I was tired of washing the bedding every night. She adjusted - we moved her favorite chair from Larry's room back to the living room so that she could view the world perched on the back and looking out the living room window. That's where she is most mornings when I leave... and when I come home, she's usually sound asleep in her crate, with the door open! It must be a security thing.

I can't believe that it's been almost three years since this little brown dog became a part of our family. She certainly has changed things around here! We never knew we could love a dog so much. This picture was taken just a few weeks after she came to live with us.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthdays and Snow Days

Yesterday was Kamaria's thirteenth birthday. She is growing into such a beautiful young woman. I am so proud of her! I went over to share birthday carrot cake with her and Ivan and Rachel and the rest of the girls. They all showed me their report cards which were, of course, outstanding! I framed this picture of Kamaria when she was two years old and gave it to her as one of her presents. I took it at Woodland Park in the summer of 1999. We had gone with Matt and Nora, and had such a wonderful day. I treasure all of the photos that I managed to bring along with me half way across the country.

Last night Larry & I watched the most amazing movie - "You Can't Take It With You". Neither one of us had ever seen it. It was filmed in 1938, but had so many messages for us today... not to let fear control our lives, to do the things that bring us joy, to care about each other, and to have fun! It was possibly the best movie I have ever seen. It's not surprising that it won an academy award. I'm going to try to find a copy of it to add to our collection, since Larry had chosen this from the Castle Rock Library. We even brought it to our Adult Journey class today for "show and tell".
We woke up this morning to a layer of whiteness. We didn't have too much trouble getting to church, but it feels good just to stay inside this afternoon. I'm going to make a batch of corn chowder with peppers. We ran out of our stash in the freezer, and need to replenish. It's going to taste great with some potato latkes. Larry managed to dig through the snow and pull some out, along with a few onions. Actually, I'd better get in the kitchen and start cooking!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Knit one, purl one....knit two together...

I got my knitting needles out with the hopes of creating some treasures, and found that I had forgotten a lot of the basics. I tried going online to get some help, but dug through some old papers and magazines to find my copy of the LEARN HOW BOOK, published in 1941. I knew I had it somewhere! It was one of the things that found it's way here from my past life in Washington. It has everything in it I could ever hope to know about knitting, crocheting... even tatting! I am on my way.....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, Monday...

" A woman's path need not always take her many miles from home. It will, however, always invite her to let go of where she's already been, and to be open to the mystery of where she's going. Grace will be her guide and will ask her to trust in her own wisdom. In this way, a woman's path will invariably lead her back to her true self, and no path is ever more valuable than this."
- Sally Lowe Whitehead
Path of Grace

Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Amazing Sunday

I FINALLY got this blog up & running again! Hopefully I will be able to "journal" here more effectively than I do with pen & paper!

We had a very enjoyable evening last night at Richard and Sandy's. It was supposed to be a wine bottling party, but we never got to the bottling part! We had too much fun chatting in front of the fire outside, and drinking the last of the bottles of wine Richard had in the basement. It was a pleasant surprise that Tatiana and Alec, whom we had met at church, were there as well. It really is a small world! Unfortunately, Larry's tummy became upset before dessert, so we didn't get to sample the cheesecake and homemade ice cream that we had brought, so I simply HAD to make another cheesecake tonight! Dieting can start up again tomorrow.

Our morning at church was incredible. Larry had his first experience as a Lay Eucharist Minister - he was wonderful! I was so proud of him.

The rest of the day simply flowed - a little bit of this and a little bit of that - with a fantastic dinner of macaroni & cheese and stuffed peppers from our greenhouse.

Now I'm just sitting here, listening to my music, and being so thankful for everything that has come into my life.