Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Larry brought the Christmas boxes up from the barn yesterday, and we spent the afternoon decorating. We realized that since Duchess now has the run of most of the house during the weekdays, a Christmas tree would be out of the question. So Larry put one that he had made a couple of years ago out of barbed wire, complete with stained glass ornaments, on our table on the front deck. He adorned it with blue lights, and we can enjoy it while sitting on the sofa in the evening. I put up my Christmas village on the top of the bookcase, well out of the little brown dog's reach. My collection has dwindled over the years... there's only one "street", but it is full of a variety of tiny people - throwing snowballs, delivering Christmas trees, even feeding chickens with a sly red fox looking on. I couldn't resist adding him last year. Just a little reminder of how many of our chickens have become the fox's dinner, and how much more careful we are now! We knew that the nativity scene couldn't go on Larry's grandma's cedar chest, as it did last year. A camel would end up missing a leg, or a wiseman would lose an arm. We already have a sheep missing an ear, thanks to a game of catch that became a bit wild last year. Larry decided that the wide shelf beneath the dining room window would be the perfect spot, and I hung some of the gold stars that I had made years ago above it. It looks beautiful there, and I'm sure that will become it's home in the Christmases to come.

We have decided to make our Christmas gifts again this year. We both have been busy coming up with ideas for everyone. It makes the holiday so much more special when we can give something we have created with love. Hopefully we'll have time to get everything done before packages have to make their way to Washington.

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