Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a good girl!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we decided that Duchess was grown up enough now to stay alone in the house without being in her crate all day. It's too cold for her to spend her time with Leo in the outdoor kennel, and we knew that we could trust her to be a good girl. We gave it a trial run on Halloween weekend when I was going to be at Rachel's for awhile, and Larry had a meeting at church. She did fine then, and we tried it again on Sunday while we were at church... fine again. She could be a good girl! So Monday morning we had a talk with her, and left her with the house all to herself, closing the door to the bathroom and both of our computer rooms. We decided to leave our bedroom door open, because she so loves to jump up on the bed to look out the windows. It's very important to know just what's going on in the neighborhood, and that's simply the best view! She was a very good girl the first day, and we praised her all night! Unfortunately, on the second night, I discovered a wet spot on the bed... she had peed on it! We gave her another chance the next day... she peed on the bed again! That did it - no more access to the bedroom for the Duchess. I was tired of washing the bedding every night. She adjusted - we moved her favorite chair from Larry's room back to the living room so that she could view the world perched on the back and looking out the living room window. That's where she is most mornings when I leave... and when I come home, she's usually sound asleep in her crate, with the door open! It must be a security thing.

I can't believe that it's been almost three years since this little brown dog became a part of our family. She certainly has changed things around here! We never knew we could love a dog so much. This picture was taken just a few weeks after she came to live with us.

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