Thursday, April 18, 2013

I thought the snowflakes would never stop...

The sun is shining and the snow has finally stopped least for the time being! One can never know what may transpire weather-wise from one day to the next around here.  The birds have been pecking through the snow to find their seed. I'll have to take some more out for them soon...
My flower pots and the bird-feeding bench beginning to thaw out.

The driveway is still covered with snow, but I think I'll venture out to the grocery store soon... 

A robin paying us a visit. It will be awhile before he'll find any worms under the snow.

The garden spot covered in snow - the rhubarb will love the moisture!
I finished the little rug for the dollhouse music room last night and started a new one this morning. The stitching is so soothing, it's hard to put it down and turn to other things that need to be done around here!

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