Saturday, April 13, 2013

Salsa is Defintely in Our Future...

We moved some of our tomatoes that we started in the "greenhouse" in the basement upstairs to the dining room window because they were getting too tall to fit on the shelves down there without hitting the lights. They are much happier enjoying the natural light now, but it will be sometime before it is warm enough to move them outdoors. Larry moved some of the other tomato plants and tomatillos to some shelves in the basement hallway, near one of the few windows down there, and moved some of the lights to give them some additional light and warmth. He does have an outdoor "greenhouse" - some shelves encased in heavy plastic - where the young plants can live until the danger of frost is past. That will be the next step. I planted a few more seeds this morning to germinate under the growing lights downstairs - some basil, cilantro, thyme, sage, dill, Serrano peppers, and red cayenne pepper. At the rate the tomatillos are growing, we'll have salsa before we know it!

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