Monday, May 13, 2013

A Blooming Good Day!

What a wonderful weekend we had. The flowers look lovely on the front porch all planted in their pots. I need more blooms, however! The more color the better! Although next time I'll be sure to visit Home Depot or Lowe's in the middle of the week rather than on the weekend - those places can get crazy when the sun is shining and everyone wants to get something in the ground!

The pot full of flowers that I got on my visit to Home Depot with Rachel on Saturday.

I bought a new rosemary plant at sprouts to replace the one that "accidentally" froze a few weeks ago.

Pretty Pots All in a Row.

The Lavender plant Rachel gave me for Mother's Day.

Strawberries peeking out under the bird-watering saucer.

This is where I'll be having my morning coffee and evening glass of wine!

Larry spent his day in the vegetable patch planting all sorts of good things - beets, carrots, bok choy, peas, rainbow chard, & much more! There are still squash, corn and bean seeds to go into the side garden next weekend.

I also did some cleaning-out in the rose bed. The yarrow was taking over. Now, I love yarrow, but it does have a tendency to get a bit out of control. The bed still looks a bit bare, but there are all kinds of things coming back, and in a month or so it will be ablaze with color!

My Garden Angel...

And to finish off a perfect day...a glass of Mother's Day wine, enjoyed amidst the blooms on the front deck, of course!

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