Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dollhouse Spring Cleaning

I took a look around the dollhouse and saw that some Spring cleaning was in order! Since Dot doesn't own a vacuum, I took all of the furniture out of the living room and dusted a bit. I'm working on the new rug, so when it's finished there will be some more rearranging of furniture. Now that I look at this photo, I see that the picture on the wall  is crooked - better fix that!  The little room holds so many memories. I got the sofa and chair at a miniatures shop in Mount Vernon that Margie and I visited a couple of years ago. I bought the basket behind the chair at the Gorilla Run in Denver last summer. I ordered the stove in the corner from a miniatures shop in England about six years ago. The "logs" in the basket are twigs from the spruce trees in the yard. Phil made the library table and clock over 30 years ago for my first dollhouse. I cross-stitched the rug and knitted the afghan on the tiniest knitting needles I could find, with sock yarn. I bought the girl sitting on the floor because she reminded me of Kamaria, and printed the laptop from my computer.   

I love my dollhouse, the most recent of many that I've had over the years, and never tire of looking for new little treasures to add to it, every one of which has a special meaning to me.

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