Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Enjoying Our Visit with Nora in Denver

Last Saturday Matt called me to let me know that Nora was going to be at CSU for a conference and wanted to get together with Rachel, the girls and me. I was thrilled! It's been almost three years since I've seen her, or anyone else back in Washington. She was going to be here Monday, Tuesday, and heading for home on Wednesday, and could meet up with us on Tuesday evening. Rachel and I thought that meeting in downtown Denver would be closer for her than driving to either my house or Rachel's, so decided on the Mongolian Grill in downtown. We got there about an hour before Nora was able to arrive, so walked over to the Tattered Cover, and then settled down at the restaurant with our salads from the salad bar, a glass of wine for me, and waited for Nora. Before we knew it, there she was! We talked and talked, catching up with everything that had been going on with all the kids. We all agreed that we needed to get together again soon - somehow Rachel and I had to figure out a way to make it back to Washington before too much time passed by. Kamaria really wants to see where she came from...I would love to make that happen for her! Sooner than we wanted, we had to say good-bye to Nora and head for home. So many wonderful memories were made that night. Nora was able to experience all of our seasons in three days - when she arrived on Monday, it was close to 80 degrees; yesterday, around 60, and today, it was snowing and around 30 degrees! Gotta love Colorado!
The girls on a bench on the 16th Street Mall across from the Tattered Cover. We thought we'd wander around there for a bit while waiting for Nora.

Chloe wasn't too sure about the fried zucchini!

Bailey and Kamaria

Bailey's creation from the salad bar.

My salad

Bailey and Chloe are fascinated by the process!

The guys at work.

Chloe is mesmerized!


Rachel and Bailey

Chloe with her chopsticks

Beautiful girls

Fried Oreos!

One more glass of wine

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