Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Green Growing Things...

It seems as if overnight things are sprouting up all around me, and the things that were already up are growing nicely. Must be the warm weather. When I weeded the flower bed on Saturday, the rose bushes had very few new leaves, but this morning they were popping out all over. When we moved into this house, the rose  bed looked as if it had been a bit neglected, and I have tried my best to keep the plants happy. The bed still needs a lot of work, but soon the roses will be joined with the purple cone flowers that reseed themselves every year, as well as black-eyed Susans, cosmos and Dianthus, and whatever else pops its head up.This time of year is certainly full of new discoveries in the garden.
One of the rose bushes showing its new foliage

The kale that wintered over will be ready for the saute pan soon!

A bud on the Irises...

The rhubarb is growing so quickly that we'll be enjoying a cobbler before long!

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  1. Thank you Susan for taking the time out of gardening to visit me :))
    I am sure you will get that garden in shape in no time.

    So happy and over joyed when a new visitor stops by and best a compliment that joys. I am going to go back and read some of your older posting to better myself in getting to know you.

    Have a beautiful May.