Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Found My Marbles in Bliss, Idaho!

I was going through some boxes in my basement a few days ago, in a never-ending quest to organize my photos and all of the treasures that I just can't seem to part with. I often ask myself how, considering the fact that when I moved here I hopped on the plane to Colorado with only a carry-on bag, I seem to have gathered so many possessions from my past life around me? Then I realize that I mailed quite a few boxes of things to Rachel before I moved, and every now and then my Mom would put a box in the mail for me, and whenever she  and Dad would come to visit the trunk of their car was usually full of my "stuff" that I had left behind in their garage. While digging around in a box that I must not have unpacked since Larry & I moved to this house almost three years ago, I came upon a sack of the marbles that David and I had bought at Bob's Museum, Rock and Gift Shop during our trip to Colorado in 2001. We were driving along on our way back home, traveling through Idaho, and passed an exit for "Bliss" - how could we possibly pass by a town named that without stopping. We stopped and chatted with "Bob" at the Museum for awhile, and he informed us that the town was named after a pioneer family and not after a state of being! The small town did seem quite blissful, though, even the large concrete dinosaur in front of Bob's shop. He had marbles on sale - 30 for $1.00 - what a deal! I walked away with quite a few extremely pretty ones.

When Andy was little, he was fascinated with the marbles, and always wanted to play with them when he came to visit. I kept them in a small basket then - not sure where the basket is, but they are now in a pretty little bowl that came from an antiques shop in Snohomish, sitting on my piano. No one has really appreciated them since Andy, but last Sunday night I showed them to Larry, and he put them on the floor and started playing a game of Marbles. I told him that my arthritic thumbs really weren't up to a competition, but he had fun shooting by himself! They have found a new fan. I just like the way they look!


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