Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yarrow, Plum Blossoms, and Shirts in the Wind...

I spent awhile in the rose bed this morning, pulling up handful after handful of yarrow. I'm sure someone way back when thought it was a wonderful idea to add this to the flower bed, but it is definitely out of control - even pops up in the driveway! I like to leave a little here and there, but did manage to get most of it out from around my rose bushes. They seem much happier - just keep shooting out more green leaves!

I love this small old wagon wheel I found at a garage sale years ago - this part of the garden looks pretty bare now that I've removed the yarrow. I guess I need to find something to fill up the space. Last year I planted a Shasta Daisy, which is one of my favorite flowers, only to find that it had totally disappeared by the next morning! One of our deer visitors must have enjoyed it for dinner. Maybe I'll sprinkle some Cosmos seeds there - they would be a colorful addition.
Good Day, Sunshine! Another garage sale find - I brought it home and Larry sprayed it with sunny yellow paint. It would look better with a solid background, but we have to deal with this weird lattice around the porch, so it is what it is!
My flower "bed". Yet another garage sale find from a few years ago. I like to stick with my $5 garage sale rule, and have come up with some great finds keeping within that limit, but when I saw this rusty iron bed, I knew that it would be beyond my self-imposed budget. I had been wanting one for years to add to my "garden art", and simply had to have it! I approached the woman at the sale, asked her how much it was, and was pleasantly shocked to hear her say, "five dollars." Whooee!!!! A few years ago I planted peas which climbed up it nicely, until some creature snapped them off at the base. Gardening here is one challenge after another!

Done with weeding for today! My second bucket-full...

I took a stroll through the property, enjoying all the new growth...
The lilac tree has lots of leaves, but no buds yet that I can see. Things take awhile at an altitude of 6200, more or less. My favorite Chickadee likes to hang out at this feeder.

It's hard to make out, but there is a bud on the plum tree! Usually a bird will eat the tiny plums before they have a chance to mature.

Lilac buds on one of the bushes in the front yard.
This old rototiller was on the property when we moved in. I rather like the long grasses growing up around it, but have to get rid of them soon... I planted wild flowers and onions there last year, which didn't really do much then, but are looking good now.
We brought this old bench with us from Elizabeth. It came from an outside chapel in the Methodist Church here in Castle Rock. We love to sit under the apple tree and enjoy the view. We try to imagine what it was like when there were no houses across the street, no power lines, and much less traffic along Ridge Rd.

The view from under the apple tree...
Some more Yard Art...
Another shot of the rusty rototiller

Yet ANOTHER garage sale find - $5 rusty old lawnmower!

One of my favorite spots....

Blowing in the Wind!


  1. Dear Susan, thank you very much for writing to me about my article in Artful Blogging! It makes me happy! Our lilac tree is blooming right now and its fragrance is divine... Enjoy the season! I appreciate your kindness!

    1. You are so very welcome, Sylvia. The world of blogging is fairly new to me, and I appreciate the inspiration I find in blogs such as yours. Enjoy the lovely lilacs and everything else this season brings!