Sunday, June 23, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

"There is not a spot of ground, however arid, bare, or ugly, that cannot be tamed."
                                                                         - Gertrude Jekyll

It's a beautiful morning here on Ridge Road. Larry got up early and transplanted the tomatoes and peppers into the little side garden.

The peppers and tomatoes got a dose of fish fertilizer. I fertilized the pots on the front porch, and then wandered around and took some pictures of how nicely everything is growing in our various garden spots.

The roses that were just buds yesterday are blooming this morning - 

Sweet William hanging out with the roses...

Bachelor Buttons peeking through the foot of the old iron bedstead in the rose "bed"...

I wasn't going to weed this morning since my knee really hurt after all of the getting up and down yesterday, but I couldn't resist pulling up just a bit more yarrow.

I'm not sure what these flowers are, but they come back every year in the "clothesline" flower bed.

The person who lived here before we moved in left behind a truck bed liner that Larry simply couldn't let go to waste. Last year he planted potatoes in it, which didn't do well, but this year he tried squash,
 and so far it's coming up nicely.

After the hail storm a few weeks ago, I thought for sure many of our tomato plants were destroyed, but thankfully they now have little tomatoes on them!

Larry busy weeding in the main vegetable bed...

Rainbow Chard

An onion amid the beans...

Enough work for today...time to enjoy the rest of Sunday...

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