Saturday, June 22, 2013

In the Garden with Grandma

I spent some time weeding in my rose bed this morning before the day gets too warm. It will most likely be over 90 today. We already have the fans going, and it's only a little after 9:00 a.m. Oh, for a beach!

Whenever I spend time in the garden, I think of Grandma Ferguson. She definitely had a green thumb, as does my Mom. When I was a child, whenever we would visit Grandma in the summer we would leave through the backyard, and she would point out to my Mom all of the new flowers that had popped up in her garden and all of the new additions she had made. I can remember walking slowly through the flowerbeds with her, however I didn't appreciate at the time how much work she had put into making them the works of art that they were. I certainly do now!

Whenever I go back to Everett, the same thing tends to happen in my Mom's garden...wandering about and admiring all of the loveliness to be found there. I am thankful to both of these amazing women for handing down their love of gardening to me.

The roses are beginning to bloom ...

And the Bachelor Buttons...

I'm sure whenever someone at some point in the past planted yarrow in this garden, they thought it would be a lovely addition, but it has gone completely crazy! I pulled up buckets and buckets of it this morning, and there is still much more that will just have to go. I like to leave some, because I truly do love the look of it...but a little goes a long way!

Time to hop in the shower and wash off some of the good garden grime!

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