Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mr. Tambourine Man

"Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship
My senses have been stripped
My hands can't feel the grip, my toes too numb to step
Wait only for my boot heels to be wanderin'

I'm ready to go anywhere, I'm ready for to fade
Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way
I promise to go under it..."
- Bob Dylan

Last night we watched the Judy Collins concert at the Metropolitan Museum for the Arts on PBS. Her voice is still amazing! When she sang Mr. Tambourine Man, my Great-Great-Grandfather, Nicholas Vance Sheffer, came to mind. I have been doing some extensive research on both Nick and my Great-Great-Grandmother, Alice Zipporah Webb, putting the facts together in what will hopefully someday be a book. It's a long process, but I'm loving it!

Nicholas was a wanderer...a free-spirit, to be sure! Fortunately, he left behind some fascinating chronicles of his many adventures. Sadly, he sacrificed three marriages due to his wanderlust. I imagine him as being a charming man, but one that just had to be traveling on, leaving behind women who needed a bit more permanence in their lives. I wish I could have known this interesting man.

Nicholas Vance Sheffer on the left, with Ezra Meeker seated next to him.

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