Friday, May 22, 2015

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Friday morning I sent Kamaria a text and asked her if she had any plans for the day. She was free until around five when she had to help her friend babysit. I told her we were thinking of going to the Botanic Gardens, and she thought we could bundle up, since it was cold, but a few minutes later she asked if we could do something indoors, since she didn't like the cold at all. I laughed to myself, and told her that we didn't care where we went or what we did, as long as we could spend time with her! So the two grandmas headed to Aurora to pick her up. We got a little mixed up - my fault - I have no sense of direction, but found Lindsey's house and waited outside while Kamaria finished getting ready.

Soon she came down the drive, a big smile on her face and a sweater to keep her warm! We asked her where she would like to go, and she wasn't sure, so I suggested The Mall. I told Rubye that when we say The Mall, we aren't referring to Southlands, but Park Meadows, the REAL Mall! I have so many great memories of traipsing through Park Meadows with Rachel and the girls. Kamaria thought that sounded like a good destination, so off we went, with her acting as the navigator on this trip.

We parked near Dillard's, because Rubye was looking for something to wear to Nicole's wedding in August. We had fun looking through the dresses, but nothing caught Rubye's eye. Kamaria wanted to stop at the Crocs store to get a birthday present for Lindsey... thanks for this picture, Rubye!

 and then we stopped in at the Apple Store to look at covers for her laptop.

She found the right color and Rubye offered to get it for her, but Kamaria said she could get one cheaper on Amazon. Such a practical girl!

 I wanted to go to my favorite store, Anthropologie, so we headed down to the lower level. I love that place... it smells good the minute you walk in. We wandered around, looking at clothes and candles, and I went around the corner to where I knew the fragrances could be found. I haven't had any perfume in years, because Larry is allergic to so many of them. I love the smell of roses and found some Royal Apothic English Rose perfume. I sprayed some on my hand and I had to have it!

I'm wearing it right now. Just a little spritz goes a long way and the fragrance stays vibrant all day. In fact, I sprayed just a bit on last night and I could still smell it when I woke up this morning. Love it!

We asked one of the women working in the kiosks to take a picture of the three of us...

 We had been meaning to take a photo like this after the graduation ceremony, but things were so crazy then that we totally forgot. Kamaria is definitely Rubye's girl - the resemblance is amazing!

We finished shopping and were ready for some lunch. We decided on Tokyo Joe's. I used to eat at one when I lived in downtown Denver, and really liked it.

Rubye and I entertained Kamaria with more stories about her little girl days, she showed us some pictures of her friends and talked about her college plans and Gray's Anatomy - we both love that show. She is so intelligent, well-read, and funny!

We had to get her back home in time for the babysitting gig, but Rubye suggested stopping somewhere for flowers and a card to thank Shelly. I loved that idea, and we found a King Soopers on the way home. Kamaria picked out a bouquet that she thought Shelly would like and  Rubye found a card. I'm so glad Rubye thought of that - we are both so very thankful for all that family has done.

We got Kamaria back to Lindsey's just in time, said our good-byes, since we wouldn't be seeing her again on that trip.

Rubye had wanted to eat dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, and there was one right across the street from the hotel, so we ventured over there that evening.

It was kind of crowded, and we sat at the bar while we waited for a table. Well, I sat at the bar while Ruby stood, since there were no seats. We each had a glass of wine and talked a lot more! We certainly had a lot of catching up to do!

We finally were shown to a table, and I decided to have the Hickory Bourbon Salmon that a young woman in the elevator had recommended - and it came with the salad bar! It was delicious,

We were stuffed and headed back to the hotel. Another lovely day!

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