Friday, May 29, 2015

My Little Corner of the World

At times I find myself becoming claustrophobic when sitting here in Jumbo, the motor home. After living in a house where I had a loft area in which to do my writing, it has been quite an adjustment to try to work in the small space that I have now. Actually, this space is quite nice compared to what I had while living in the horse pasture right after moving from our house. We had no WiFi, and had to rely on the generator for electricity. On occasion, the generator wouldn't start, and I wasn't able to charge up my laptop, so I was relegated to writing thoughts down the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper, and then adding them to my story later.

While we were living at the Casinos, before finding this semi-permanent spot, we sometimes had Wifi and electricity - at Angel of the Winds - and I would sit at the living room table and work. It was quite nice, and I had an inspiring view of the construction crew working on the hotel. We could only stay at Angel of the Winds for five consecutive days, so would move to Tulalip Casino for a week in between Angel visits. We had no electricity or Wifi there, so I would travel into Marysville and hang out at the library and write.

Thinking back on all of this, I should be quite grateful for what I have now...

This is my little corner of the world... that's the side of my dollhouse, my "Faith" angel that Rachel gave me a few years ago, the family tree stone Margie gave me in honor of my role as the family historian, the cup holding my extensive Flair pen collection - I became hooked on those things many years ago and won't use any other kind of pen! Then there's the little Blue Willow teacup filled with my marble collection - no, I haven't lost my marbles yet! - and my purple foam earplugs, handy for when the neighbor kids become too rowdy and I need a little peace and quiet in order to concentrate! And I'm right by a window, with a view of my pansies, the bird feeder, and Neighbor Norm's truck! Yes, I am grateful...

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