Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kamaria Experiences the Pike Place Market!

I spent the day in Seattle with Kamaria, Rubye, Dana, April and Aunjenae - a beautiful Girls' Day Out! I met Rubye and the girls at the Starbuck's on 164th. We drove to Dana's house in North Seattle, then went to the Park & Ride at Northgate, where we hopped on a bus to downtown.

 We began our adventure at the Pike Place Market

Our first stop was  Le Panier Bakery for some pastries to get us going. The bakery’s name, Le Panier, refers to the large willow baskets that carry baguettes fresh from the oven. We were greeted with the most delicious smells as we walked through the door, and there were so many delicacies from which to choose. I ignored my gluten-free issues and picked an

Á l’Abricot  3.25
Croissant filled with apricot preserves

Thank you, Rubye! 

 While we munched on our pastries, we got in the line for the Original Starbuck's store. I've been to the Pike Place Market many times, and have always wanted to visit this Seattle landmark, but the line has always been so long that I've never gotten inside. Kamaria was determined and decided that it was no worse than waiting in line at Disneyland. I didn't want a coffee, but did want to finally get inside the building, so waited in line with Kamaria and the girls.

I've discovered that the first Starbucks was opened in 1971 in a location a few blocks north of the highly trafficked "original" Starbucks.  Three entrepreneurs were impressed by the dark roasted coffee offered by Peet's at the time and wanted to make their own in Seattle, so they started Starbucks as a coffee bean company. The store they first opened was on 2000 Western Ave. It moved to its location in Pike Place Market five years later. The original Starbucks is actually no longer at the location on 2000 Western Ave.
So there's a partial truth to the Pike Place location being the original Starbucks, since the one on Western Ave. no longer exists 

 Kamaria enjoying her Pain au chocolat

The line seemed to go on forever, but at least we were in the shade.

  Getting closer!

There were some good bluegrass musicians performing near the entrance. 

The doorway - We're almost there!

Kamaria and the girls  finally gets close enough to place their  orders!


They then had to wait in another long line to get their drinks, so I wandered outside and met up with Rubye and Dana. We found some chairs and waited inside where it was cool, and then headed across the street to the Market.

One of my favorite things about the Pike Place Market are the flowers. The peonies were everywhere.

  Kamaria loved the sunflowers and bought one stem to carry around with her. It served as a wonderful photo prop!

I love raspberries and would have bought some of these beauties, but they probably would have turned into mush by the time we got home, it was so hot!

The bouquets were so beautiful - and so inexpensive! 

The women who create these bouquets are true artists. It is fascinating to watch them at work.

The fish were giving us the eye! 

 Sweet Peas - one of my favorites. 

It was very crowded around Rachel the Pig, but I did manage to get a picture of the girls with her. We stood forever in front of the Fish Company, but didn't see a single fish fly, so decided to go  on our way.

We took this shot in front of the sign with the clock, and Kamaria wanted one without the cars in the background, so we moved over a bit, but then had to deal with the cars turning onto the street. We finally decided that the only time to get the perfect picture with no annoying background details would be at 5 a.m.!

We finished up at the Market and caught a bus for the Seattle Center. More to follow!

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