Monday, August 31, 2015

Birthday Morning Ferry Ride

We planned on leaving home around 7:30 a.m. in order to have plenty of time to catch the Anacortes ferry to Orcas Island, and we were right on schedule. When I got into the car, there was an envelope on the passenger side dashboard with this birthday card from Larry - a perfect memento of our trip to Doe Bay.

 Our first stop was Highmark Espresso. 

The girls who work there are great and Duchess always gets a treat, plus they make an outstanding mocha. I even had a lemon poppy seed muffin top - gluten doesn't count on one's birthday, does it?

We were refueled and on our way to Anacortes.We got there early, so drove around town looking at the pretty old houses with gorgeous views.

As we drove around one of the lovely residential areas, we were joined by a deer...

She went her way and we went ours, driving through the old downtown towards the ferry. I love old hardware stores and it would have been fun to wander through this one, but it would have to wait until another day when we had more time.

 It was pretty overcast at the ferry landing, but we weren't going to let that put a damper on our plans.

 It was ironic that we were originally going to visit Yakima on our way to Burgdorf Hot Springs, before the wild fire changed our plans, and we ended up sailing on the Yakima ferry!

The Pelagic Cormorants hanging out on the large pilings at the ferry terminal, nesting on the little ledges inside the guide boards that direct the ferry into the slip.

My left knee is still healing from it's minor injury, so I wasn't able to climb the stairs to the passenger decks. We walked to the elevator, only to find an "out of order" sign attached to it. What???? One of the ferry employees told us to wait there for someone to escort us to the passenger deck. There was another gentleman who required the elevator as well, and as soon as Warren, our escort arrived, up we went. We asked him about coming back down, and he assured us that going down wouldn't be a problem.

  The boat swayed a little after we first took off, and there was a bit of rain, but once we were out on the water everything calmed down and it was a nice ride.

 Larry, not being a native Pacific Northwesterner, isn't particularly fond of some things about these parts, but he has developed an affection for ferry rides. Who wouldn't? Even on a drizzly day there is something magical about it.

 A bit of a gray day, but a lovely view nonetheless..

 The Yakima is showing her age. She was built in 1967 and most recently had some drive motor work done in 2014, but this rust just may be original.

  more rust...

 We were standing outside enjoying the view, when Warren found us and let us know that he was required to escort us down the elevator as well. Since the other gentleman was getting off at Shaw Island, we  hopped on board the elevator when he did and made our way to the car.

 Duchess was thrilled to see us.

 We wonder what goes through her head when we disappear and she can get glimpses of the water from her vantage point, but has no idea just what involvement with it we must be experiencing.

  Approaching Orcas Island, viewed from the car deck.

  A pretty little harbor...


almost there...

As we drove off the ferry, it was quite pleasant with no raindrops falling. We had a lot of time to kill before check-in at the Doe Bay Resort. What should we do? More to follow...

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