Monday, August 31, 2015

But I Don't Want to Walk to the Yurt...

We decided to drive up to Mount Constitution, and on the way stopped by this spot in the road with a dock... not sure where we were, but it was a nice walk for Duchess. When we got out of the car, we noticed this tree with some interesting fruit...

I've spent close to an hour trying to identify it, and I believe it to be a Horse Chestnut???

In any case, it was fascinating. We walked down to the dock...

 and with my old-lady cane, favoring my bad knee, but truckin' right along!

And then on to Mount Constitution to see what we could see...

which wasn't much...we seemed to be in the midst of a dense cloud!

  We've seen the view before, so we knew what we were missing, but still it was a nice ride and a good place to stay inside the car and eat a cup of soup. I had made some tomato-basil-parmesan soup the night before and it had stayed nice and warm inside the thermos.

  Along with some crackers and cheese, it hit the spot!

Back down the mountain in the mist we went...

We came to Mountain Lake, but wouldn't have known a lake was there if not for the lily pads floating at the edge - the edge was all we could make out through the cloudy-fog. Larry hopped out and took some pictures through the haze.

It was an eerie ride down...

 We wouldn't have been surprised if a Yeti had hopped  out in front of us.

Soon we were approaching Doe Bay and decided to see if we could check in a little early.

 We could, paid our balance, and were given a map to the yurt. We had no idea that the trail to it was through a forest that entailed steep steps. As soon as I tried to navigate myself down, my knee protested, and I knew I couldn't make it. And the closest bathrooms - not close at all. It would have been a beautiful spot, with a view of the bay, but having to go up and down those stairs would have undone all of the healing I had been working on for the past month or more. Larry could see that I was very upset. I imagined that our trip was ruined because of my "infirmity", and I just wanted to go home. He told me that he would go to the office and see what he could do. Duchess and I waited at the car, and he returned with the key to a cabin for only $30 more! It wasn't near the water, but hey, we had a car - it would work!

Skyview Cabin was perfect! While Larry walked down to the car to bring up a load of stuff, I walked around a bit, familiarizing myself with what was to be my home for the next two night. I fell in love with the wood stove...

Elephants have become very special to us since we decided to purchase Jumbo, travel in it from Denver to Washington, and make it our home. What better sign than this to tell us that the choice of this cabin was meant to be! Elephants!

 Larry found two apples on the ground and they became our deck decoration.

  This sign cracked me up. The floor inside the cabin was painted wood that had been worn down to I don't know how may layers! Not too much damage could have been done. 

After we got somewhat settled in, Larry wanted to go down to the soaking tubs, so we grabbed our swim suits and towels and were off. It was around 3:30 when we got there, and had forgotten that they were closed between three and four for cleaning. Oh, well! We waited in the rain...

and were finally let in!

 I was concerned about climbing down into the pools, but had no trouble at all.

Since we were the first to arrive, we got a prime spot in the far pool with a view of the bay. I kept my suit on, but Larry, the overgrown hippy that he will forever be, opted to go au naturale.  It was very relaxing, and I took a shower with peppermint Dr. Bronner's before drying off and heading back to the cabin.

 We liked  the beams above us... 

and the funky furniture only added to the charm. 

 Duchess found her spot...

  and we were visited by a small herd of black tail deer. 

We relaxed on the deck for awhile before starting dinner.

Larry got a good fire going.

  Sherried mushrooms simmering away on the little propane stove. 

When in Rome...

  The deer had a well-used  path that ran right by our cabin.

 The two babies joining Mom.


  We never did get around to eating these gorgeous apples! 

  What could be better than hanging out with deer and a glass of wine in such a peaceful place.

I could stay here forever! Please????

 Time to go inside.

My sixty-sixth birthday comes to and end... more adventures  to follow!


  1. Picture Seven appropriate #7 the one you took a picture from the dash looking up the road
    is a vision I have of what the road to Heaven might Be like !!!!!

  2. My question to the both of you is how is Jumbo doing?
    I would ask one thing of the two of you is to stop each day and ring that bell or chime for those of us that are still working
    now that time is on your side

    1. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, Don! I need to make more of an effort to check my blog every day! Jumbo is doing fine - we are still living in it in the mobile home park and doing well. It is our hope to find a little house one of these days, but rents here are pretty high! Larry and I hope you and your family are doing well, and I'll try to make more updates to this blog!