Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day Two in Paradise

Larry wanted to hit the soaking tubs first thing Tuesday morning, and since it was a beautiful day, Duchess and I decided to sit on a chair overlooking the bay until he was finished.

This yurt would have had a fantastic view, but I can only imagine what the walk was like to reach it. A couple of years ago it wouldn't have been an issue...

  It was so peaceful... Duchess and I were the only ones here for an hour or so.

 As the light of the morning changed, so did the colors of the water.

We were joined by some crows.

 I noticed some birds swooping down low - I think they were some kind of swallow - and walked over to discover a small cave beneath the rocks. They were flying in and out, most likely breakfasting on bugs.

Duchess was such a good girl, tied to the leg of the chair, waiting patiently.

  I spotted a Blue Heron on a rock. He stayed in the same spot for an hour or so, waiting for something to happen.

 If I could have gotten a close-up, it would have looked like this...

  I worked a little on my cross-stitching. The miniature Navajo rug is coming along, slowly but surely.

 It was getting close to 10:00, the time I was supposed to pick up Larry from the soaking tubs. Duchess and I meandered back to the car, and just as I started it, he walked up, totally relaxed. We drove on back to the cabin and rested up a bit.

 Larry lay down on the bed and read for awhile, and then we decided that he could do that just as well by the water. After all, that was why we were there! So we put his book and my cross-stitching in a bag and we were off.

I could truly look at this view forever and never tire of it.

We had been sitting there for awhile when we heard a voice behind us and turned to see a woman walking two cats. No, it couldn't be! But it was - the Cat Lady from Tulalip and Angel of the Winds! "We know you!" Larry said. While we were staying in the RV parks at the Casinos, before settling down in Clearview, we had met this same woman. She had been living in her RV with her cats, moving from place to place, and was now doing the same thing on Orcas Island. Not a bad place to be a gypsy!

 Larry took Duchess down to the water to explore.

She doesn't like to go too far in, but she does like to get her feet wet!

 Meanwhile, I'm still stitching away on my little rug...

  We noticed a Heron on the other side of the cove - perhaps the same one, who knows?

The sky was changing, creating interesting shadows on the water.

 The Heron flew to a different rock.
  Our neighbors from a couple of cabins away launched their kayak, and in the process scared the Heron off, but they gave us something new to watch.

 A sailboat approached, moored, and came ashore on their rubber dingy. As they did, a sea otter swam out to meet them!

Eventually, we realized that we were tired and decided to head back "home".  We lay down and read and Larry took a nap until it was time for him to head back down for another soak. Duchess and I stayed home and enjoyed our quaint, cozy cabin.


We had oyster stew for dinner. The oysters were from a can - we didn't harvest them ourselves! It was going to be sad leaving in the morning.

More to follow!

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