Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Helping Kamaria's Dreams Come True

My oldest granddaughter, Kamaria, is a freshman at Colorado Mesa University, in Grand Junction, Colorado. She is majoring in Political Science, with the goal of continuing on to law school.

 We are all extremely proud of this amazing young woman who has overcome some personal hurdles in order to make this first step in her journey a reality, however in the process of applying for her financial aid, some confusion arose and she is now owing $3500 towards her first semester's tuition. This amount needs to be paid before January in order for her to remain in school, and ideally by mid-November so that she can register for next semester, since registration won't be possible until it is paid. I felt heartsick and so helpless when I found out about this, since I had no idea how any of us who love her could come up with this much money in that period of time.

 Kamaria means the world to me. She has always had a curious mind and has loved learning. This is one of my favorite photos of her doing her homework lots of years ago when we lived in Elizabeth, Colorado.

She always had big dreams, and  I know how upsetting this is for her, and how devastated she will be if she can't continue at Mesa. Larry suggested that  I start a GOFUNDME account in the hopes of raising enough money to cover this bill. I did, and amazingly enough, a few people have responded, the first one being my wonderful friend from high school, Pam. I was so touched!

Since the same issues will arise next semester, I'm hoping to come up with enough to help with that as well.

Kamaria is in a Work Study program and will be applying as much of her earnings as she can towards paying this off, but due to financial aid rigmarole, her job didn't begin soon enough for it to help much this semester.

Larry and I are doing our best to contribute what we can, but our Social Security checks will only stretch so far. He has been donating a portion of each of his paychecks from his part-time job to Kamaria's cause, and I am so proud of him for that, and I personally have given up wine! Kamaria's parents are doing what they can, but with three other girls at home, it's not easy. Grandma Rubye has plans to help as well, but we still have a long ways to go.

If any of you who see this would like to contribute a small amount to the GOFUNDME account, I would be forever thankful. Here is the link:


Every little bit will help.  Thank you so much!

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